• The BBC goes “deep”

    No one could call the BBC a bastion of philosophical thought, but just recently they’ve gone “deep”. In a few short days, they’ve exemplified Thomas Kuhn’s “change of subject” across a paradigm shift, embraced Tolstoy’s view of history, and applied something like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle to whole new realm of supposed indeterminacy. This is not…

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  • Heat pumps: a critique

    The British public have been remarkably reluctant to adopt heat pumps as a means of home heating. Some take this as a sign of British arrogance — they think everyone should take the experts’ word for it. But I think the widespread scepticism is a reassuring reflection of British scientific common sense. I too am…

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  • When truth is given second place to morality

    I wish climate scientists would concentrate on the baleful effects of climate change instead of dishonestly cranking up their certainty that these effects will occur. It’s a discredit to anyone’s epistemic judgement to act out Pascal’s wager like that. Take the following example from today’s World at One: BBC: “It used to be said at…

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