Hello! I’m Jeremy Bowman — a freelance graphics specialist, working from my home in Cork city, Ireland. I’m an Adobe-certified expert in InDesign, and a proficient user of Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. I have a working familiarity with several other Creative Cloud applications. My work involves preparing a wide range of different kinds of publication for print and the web, making ebooks (for iPad and Kindle), and general problem-solving in publishing.

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There’s no need to install a dedicated barcode-generator. A script can draw a precision barcode using InDesign’s native vector drawing capabilities.

I specialize in automating workflows in various ways, from writing JavaScript for InDesign, to harnessing the power of XML (typically, to present the contents of a database in more than one way). Automation doesn’t just speed things up: it avoids the human errors that inevitably creep in when people perform tedious, repetitive tasks. It also enables much higher standards of precision.

If you are a user of InDesign, I can write a script to speed up your own work. Or you might prefer me to do the work for you, knowing that my wide range of technical skills will ensure that the project is completed with great efficiency and precision.

You can contact me using the form on this website. Tell me a little about what you are trying to achieve. At no cost to you, I will tell you whether or not I can help. We may have to exchange a few emails, again at no cost to you. Once I have enough information, I will tell you how much the finished product will cost. This is not an estimate but a precise figure which you are free to accept or reject, and if you choose to reject it you pay absolutely nothing.